Python developer with JavaScript knowledge

Python developer with JavaScript knowledge

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  • Post Date: December 23, 2019
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Job Description

Our customer, a high-end consultancy, with majority of their projects  data driven, is looking for Python Analytics developer to join team containing also Full Stack Web developer and QA Test Engineer, Data Engineer

Customer description of projects, team composition, tasks and requirements: 

Our projects share a similar stack: there’s usually a web application that triggers and displays the results of some Python analytics ran against either a SQL Server or MongoDB database. Sometimes both. Almost always, if there’s an ETL process to import data from the client systems, that’s handled through SQL Server.

The web applications are usually built with NodeJS and Express + some front end framework (usually KnockoutJS for older apps and VueJS going forward). There’s of course usually Bootstrap and CSS/Less

We don’t have requirements for a pure front-end developer as in “someone who creates dynamic web pages”.

We want our people to be able to work on as many layers as possible, of course with different levels of expertise in each of them and areas where they are specialized. The attitude should be: there’s no silo dividing layers and I’m not scared to put my hands in any of those layers.

For front-end or web developer we usually mean: someone who has experience with node & express and has knowledge of a modern web JS framework. We prefer VueJS but Angular or React should be close enough to guarantee a smooth transition. That person can also perform work on the Python layer with enough guidance/supervision. They can preferably understand enough of SQL to track down a bug and provide enough context to data engineers in case their help is needed to fix harder problems.

A Python developer should of course know Python inside out and be knowledgeable about estimating computational complexity and machine learning algorithms. They must be able to track down the request coming from the web app. They should be able to perform simple changes to the JS code (both the client side and the server side of the web app). They need to be able to read a not too complex stored procedure.

A full stack developer is someone who is a web-developer but also has had exposure to some language usually used in the backend of systems to do heavy-lifting. Preferably Python because of course that’s a perfect match. Java or .NET can be the next best approximation.

Almost all our engineers are either data engineers or full stack developers. Both are usually familiar with devops practices and they apply them first-hand.


  • Senior Dev – maybe 4+ years’ experience
  • Strong Python experience e.g. Pandas, Numpy, Flask.
  • Databases: Mongo, MS SQL
  • Familiarity with Jenkins, Docker, AWS, Azure a plus.
  • JavaScript: Node, Express + JS Frontend Framework or any other Full Web stack a big plus.
  • Strong engineering process and hygiene skills e.g. source control, coding standards, code reviews
  • Comfortable working in an agile team (SCRUM)
  • Comfortable working with a remote team
  • Use of Slack, JIRA, Confluence and other collaboration tools.
  • Excellent written and spoken English

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